Nexus Alpha Group, which comprises Nexus Alpha and Nexus Alpha Low Power Systems, is a leading provider of intelligent transport information systems to the public transport sector, in particular to the UK rail, light rail, and bus sectors and to the US bus sector.

Our focus is on the capture, management, distribution and presentation of real time travel information which is used both by staff with regard to the operation and management of their transport networks, and by customers, particularly during times of disruption.

Our customers are transport operators – the end users are their staff, and their own customers – the users of their transport network.

Nexus Alpha Group brings together real time data capture, on-vehicle data processing, video feed analysis, social media automation, sentiment analysis, predictive analysis, business intelligence, machine learning, big data, with sustainability (solar powered and low power technology), inclusivity (our display systems feature audio as well visual presentation), and innovation to deliver class-leading technology systems to the international transport sector.

Nexus Alpha Intelligent Transport


Nexus Alpha is focused on the UK rail sector, with clients including Train Operating Companies and their owning groups as well as Network Rail, Transport for London, London Underground, and light rail operators including Croydon Tramlink and Docklands Light Railway.

Nexus Alpha provides intelligent transport systems, services and apps which focus on the capture, analysis, distribution and presentation of rail disruption information.  With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, Nexus Alpha has been at the leading edge of the customer information revolution in the public transport sector, delivering high-quality integrated products and services to transport operators, allowing them to keep their staff and customers fully informed.

As well as supplying information distribution and presentation tools, Nexus Alpha also provides business intelligence, analysis and performance reporting so that clients can measure all aspects and impacts of service disruption and service disruption reporting.

Nexus Alpha supply includes Control Room systems for manual and automated data capture, manged services and Apps. The next generation system, Arrakis, brings together all the information we capture and transmit, as Big Data, and is a SaaS supply.

Nexus Alpha Intelligent Transport


Nexus Alpha LPS has been providing displays to the bus and rail industry for more than 20 years.

What began as a project to build displays where it was not possible to find systems to meet client requirements has grown to a company with its own identity, Nexus Alpha Low Power Systems, able to provide a truly unique and diverse range of signage offering solutions to just about any display requirement.

The signage range extends from large high-bright LCDs (the HELIOS range) to ultra-low power display technologies (the CHRONOS range – which can be solar powered) all of which operate from a uniquely flexible and powerful software platform.  The ability to solar power systems can deliver significant financial benefit – low power demand is an enabler – not a compromise.

Signs feature custom internal electronics designed to optimise performance and to provide extensive remote monitoring and management whilst supporting a no-compromise approach: all of our systems, including those that are solar powered, are designed to be permanently on, permanently connected and to support audio as standard.  Our display systems have always been designed to be accessible to all.


Nexus Alpha Intelligent Transport


Nexus Alpha Intelligent Transport

Patrick McDougall - CEO

Nexus alphA GROUP

Patrick is the founding director of Nexus Alpha, the company growing out of a project he worked on at BBC Travel in 1990s.

Patrick’s background is in computers and electronics. Patrick worked on a variety of BBC related projects, including computer graphics for TV shows, interfacing to sports results computers to allow the automation of leader boards on BBC Ceefax, and eventually developed the forerunner to future Nexus Alpha systems – the Travel Terminal.

Patrick’s technical background has always involved aspects of information capture, distribution, and presentation.  Nexus Alpha was formed on the back of the Network South East “Well Informed Customer Initiative”. Now focused on group activities and the commercial management where digital innovation remains a passion.

Nexus Alpha Intelligent Transport

Levon Pettrouss - COO

Nexus alphA

Levon has been in senior management roles at the cutting edge of the technology industry for over 30 years, specialising in the management and development of high growth technology organisations. He has an extensive and proven track record of developing award winning and market leading products and systems.

Prior to joining Nexus Alpha, Levon was Engineering Director at Cisco Systems leading the R&D and technical operations activities of Video Conferencing and collaboration infrastructure in the UK.

Nexus Alpha Intelligent Transport

Julian Coleman - COO

Nexus alphA LPS

Having studied physics and electronics, Julian joined BBC Radio as a studio engineer eventually moving across to writing, presenting and journalism for BBC Radio 4 and World Service. With a vast knowledge in science, medicine and the environment, Julian turned freelance working for the BBC World Service, working with newspapers and artists.

The opportunity to work with Nexus Alpha to help design electronic control boards and develop audio announcement systems led to managing new developments, including pioneering solar powered displays and becoming COO of Nexus Alpha LPS.

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