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Nexus Alpha – Spring 2019 Newsletter

Welcome To ARRAKIS We’re excited to have ARRAKIS being used by CrossCountry for their on board staff. With over half of TOC’s working in partnership with Nexus Alpha, we have implemented a pilot scheme to ensure we provide the perfect App for their staff. Developed in partnership with our clients, ARRAKIS brings

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December 2018 Newsletter

Ariadne Launch Nexus Alpha LPS successfully launched the one-of-a-kind Ariadne map in collaboration with Norfolk County Council and the Norfolk & Norwich Association for The Blind (NNAB). Ariadne is an innovative, flexible and inclusive map. With consistent tactile symbols and updated audio information, Ariadne is user friendly. It’s the first of its kind

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Arrakis Alerts - Nexus Alpha

Arrakis Alerts Can Help Improve Customer Service

As part of the Arrakis platform, Nexus Alpha is developing a new web service that will allow your App provider to deliver real-time disruption information via push notifications to customers. Understand and Know Your Customers With the enhancements made, our Alerting Service will help you understand your customers, their needs

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Arrakis Client Portal - Nexus Alpha

Arrakis Client Portal

Welcome to Arrakis, brought to you by Nexus Alpha We are delighted to invite you to log in to our new Arrakis client area. By clicking the link below and using the password provided in your email, you will be able to access information about our upcoming widget developments and more detailed

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Nexus Alpha News June 2018

June Newsletter

We’ve Changed… At Nexus Alpha we have a mission: to drive customer information revolution in the public transport sector. With the release of our 4th Generation Big Data System – Arrakis – we have also re-branded our companies to reflect the progress we are making and link in with our mission for change.

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